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Re: Using LightScribe on Debian?

On Fri, 01 Jan 2010 18:37:14 -0800
Paul Johnson <baloo@ursamundi.org> dijo:

>John Jason Jordan wrote:
>> I still want to be able to put an image on a CD or DVD, but I guess
>> the only way to do that properly is with an inkjet. But if I do it
>> only once every few months I'll have clogged jets, wasted ink from
>> cleaning, and constant headaches. So I just continue to use a
>> sharpie.
>I don't know if your local jurisdiction does this, but one thing you
>might want to look into is government surplus sales.  I once got a used
>color laser printer in working condition with all new high-capacity
>cartridges already loaded in it for $90 from the Oregon Department of
>Surplus Property.  If you're near one, I can't reccommend the
>government auctions enough.

Actually, I know about Oregon auctions, and they are near enough for
me. But I already have a color laser printer. What I need is something
to print color graphics on optical media. And I want to produce just a
few copies only once in a while.

If there was an inexpensive color laser printer that would do optical
media that would be great. 

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