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Re: New testing install; no /boot/grub/menu.lst exists.

On 20100106_033032, s. keeling wrote:
> I'm new to testing.  I've been running stable on primary box and (eg.)
> sid on sandbox for years.  This is testing is on my sandbox for the
> first time.  I just installed both squeeze(?)/testing and OpenBSD 4.6.
> How do I add the latter to testing's grub?  /boot/grub/menu.lst
> doesn't exist, and /boot/grub contains stuff I've never seen before.
> I can create it, but I'm expecting you to tell me it's been moved or
> renamed or $(debian_gotcha\'d) or something.
> I've $(googled) "site:lists.debian.org debian testing grub menu.lst"
> to no avail.  This is Intel 32 bit, Compaq Evo, .5 Gb RAM.
> Other than this, it looks great.  Install went well, can't wait to
> check out the logs and play with the thing.  Thanks.  Help?

Testing uses grub2 by default.  

# update-grub<cr> 

creates a new grub.cfg file, which is the replacement for menu.lst,
based on info in certain magical locations in /etc. If you have an
incomplete list of installed kernels after a fresh install, just rerun
update-grub, and that should fix it. 

YMMV, HTH, etc, etc

Paul E Condon           

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