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Re: Postgresql wont restart. Can I clear shared memmory segments without rebooting?

In <20100105073412.GA5626@earthlink.net>, Mitchell Laks wrote:
>I have a remote server running debian etch,
>that has only 1G of ram, (that i cannot easily add ram to), that runs
>a large postgresql 7.4 database and it occasionally runs out of enough
> shared memory. The database is static and I no longer add data to it.  The
> machine sits on the network and  is just for serving up data.
>When it runs out of memory, the postgresl database shuts down and the 
> postgresql server will not restart. I get a message about not enough shared
> memory when I try to restart postgresql.
>Now what I usually do is simply reboot the machine and everything is fine.
>While  I can continue to do this, but it goes against the grain. Is there
> some system command to  free the shared memory so that postgresql will
> start again without rebooting?

These commands should help:
ipcmk (1)	- create various ipc resources
ipcrm (1)	- remove a message queue, semaphore set or shared memory id
ipcs (1)	- provide information on ipc facilities

They are from the util-linux package.
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