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Re: Postgresql wont restart. Can I clear shared memmory segments without rebooting?

On 10-01-06 08:09:00, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> ... The big question though is why this is happening in the first
> place.  Your top output showed 750MB+ in the cache on a system with
> 1GB ram. That's 3/4 of your system memory occupied by cached disk 
> file pages, which is quite normal for Linux.  At the time postgre 
> could have had at most 250MB allocated to it.

He stated that his system is running out of shared memory.  It's 
probably using up all the segments.  See Boyd's reply.

> I fear something is quite wrong with your system, either with your
> kernel or with postgre.

It's probably postgresql leaking segments for some reason, either a bug 
or a config / usage problem.

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