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Re: aptitude forces full-upgrade

Javier Barroso <javibarroso@gmail.com> wrote:
On 01/02/2010 04:49 PM, Mumia W.. wrote:
I just upgraded Squeeze, but I had to use apt-get rather than aptitude because aptitude wanted to force me to install a lot of new programs (do a full-upgrade).
I'm not sure, but maybe aptitude wants to install recommends. If you
run "aptitude -s -R safe-upgrade", it want to install all new stuff ?

Thanks. I have recommends disabled:

Saratoga:apt.conf.d$ Saratoga:apt.conf.d$ cat * | grep Recommends
Aptitude::Recommends-Important "false";
Saratoga:apt.conf.d$ Saratoga:apt.conf.d$ apt-config dump | egrep '(Recommends|Suggests)'
APT::Install-Recommends "false";
APT::Install-Suggests "0";
Saratoga:apt.conf.d$ Saratoga:apt.conf.d$

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