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Re: Installing Debian over a Fedora 12 system

James Allsopp schreef:
I've a Fedora 12 system which I'm distinctly unimpressed by, and want to
install Debian. It's currently set up with two 1 tb drives. These both
have a 250 Mb boot partition and then the rest is a RAID 1, hosting LVM
for the other partitions. Am I going to have to back up all of my data
in home (separate partition) and start a new structure or is there a
simple way of installing debian and have it recognise the existing
structure? The partitions are all EXT4 except boot which is EXT3.
You can just reuse your current partitioning scheme, and only reformat /usr, /tmp, /var, /etc and /boot. /home will not be touched. You can even tell the installer about which partition is your /home, so it can set up /etc/fstab for you. If you have /etc,/usr,/var or /tmp not on a separate partition, you can use a live disk to mount the root partition and just remove them beforehand. That way you can avoid that any file from fedora will be present after your new install.

Thank you for any advice. I'll probably back up home to be on the safe
side anyway!
That of course always a good idea ;)


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