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Re: serious problems with mutt

On Sat, 02 Jan 2010 16:32:28 +0100, Bernard wrote:

> But, with my 3 months old Lenny system on my desktop, I can't get mutt
> to work !  Here, I have to use 'exim4', and I have spent many hours
> turning around dpkg-reconfiguring exim4-config so many times. I surely
> carried close to 100 different tests, since there are so many options to
> choose from. What confuses me most is that it does occasionnally seem to
> work once or twice, and then I can't reproduce the success.
> The problem lies in sending mail, no problem receiving.

No need to use external "esmtp" or "Exim" mail server with Mutt. It comes 
compiled with "+USE_SMTP" flag on so if you are using just one e-mail 
account, you can configure Mutt itself to send the e-mails directly to 
your ISP host.

That is the way I use it with my Gmail account.



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