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Re: Ethernet & Wifi Weirdness

Dear Paul, Rob, & Kevin,

Editing the /etc/network/interfaces file, and then restarting the networking service did the trick! I now have wireless Internet. Let's hope I still have it tomorrow. Thanks!

- Mark

On 12/31/09 6:25 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Thu December 31 2009, Mark wrote:
  Is there a newbie-friendly manual somewhere that I can use to configure
the networking from scratch? Any thoughts about what might be going wrong?
most of your networking CONFIG files are in /etc/network.
the MAIN file you want to SAVE after it works is "interfaces" .
this is the file that sets up your local, eth0 ( wired) and eth1(wireless).

here is my interfaces file:
# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

#new dhcp setup
#iface eth0 inet dhcp
#allow-hotplug eth0
#auto eth0

# static setup
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

sometimes, when I want to change to dhcp, I uncomment the DHCP setup, comment
out the static setup and it looks like this:

#new dhcp setup
iface eth0 inet dhcp
allow-hotplug eth0

# static setup
#auto eth0
#iface eth0 inet static

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