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Re: Ethernet & Wifi Weirdness

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 05:56:25PM -0500, Mark wrote:
>    I'm still mostly a newbie on Linux (intermediate Mac & Win user). I'm
>    having a strange problem on my Linux box, which is a Dell e1505 notebook.
>    In trying to fix this (again, blindly) -- i.e. get wireless to work on
>    Gnome as well as on VirtualBox's WinXP machine -- I somehow wrecked the
>    network entirely. Now when I boot up no Internet of any kind works, wired,
>    wireless, Gnome, VBox-WinXP.

A lenny kernel should have all the support that is needed for a modern Dell

Insure that module-assistant is installed.

$ su -c module-assistant > update

        module-assistant > prepare
        module-assistant > select > [bcm4400, bcm5700, ipw2100, ap2200, as
        indicated by lspci (the latter two being Intel]

        module-assistant > build

        module-assistant > install


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