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Re: Getting connected to Verizon 3G network

Wayne <linuxtwo@gmail.com> wrote at 2009-12-30 10:24 -0600:
>   Brief history.  I am now using a D-Link DWA-556 PciE card.  It has an  
> Atheros AR5008 chip and I am using the mad-wifi ath5k driver code.  I  
> can connect to the Verizon MiFi , using wicd, get a ip address for the
> ath0 interface, and stay connected but, as mentioned above, I can't  
> connect to the net.
>   Running route -n displays only the ath ip address.  Without a route to 
> the gateway I am stuck.  Checking windows machines that 'can' connect
> I see that they all get a different gateway addresses.  I can't add them
> to the routing table because route won't allow any of them.  Google has  
> not found any posts/information about using the MiFi with Linux except
> the ones I have posted here.

Try this:
1. Find out IP of ath0 connection using 'ifconfig ath0' (ex.

2. Try pinging the first IP on that network (ping

3. If that works, set the default route to that IP
 route add default gw

4. Then try 'ping google.com'

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