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Re: A-posteriori use of another HDD for the /home/username

On Mon,28.Dec.09, 04:49:07, Glenn English wrote:
> On Dec 28, 2009, at 3:37 AM, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> >> I always just say 'cp -a .* <destination dir>' in addition to what you 
> >> already did to copy (recursively) everything beginning with a period. 
> > 
> > Why would '.*' be better than a simple '*'?
> Because '*' doesn't get the invisible files, and Merciadri'd already 
> done the visibles. As someone else suggested, 'cp -a * .* <dest>' 
> would do it all in one step. 

Unless I'm doing something wrong 'cp -a .*' will try to copy the parent 
directory as well, which is not what the OP wanted. The correct solution 
from my tests seems to be to use '.' with either

cp -a source/. destination/


cd source
cp -a . destination

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