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A-posteriori use of another HDD for the /home/username

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After some data manipulation, I now have a free ext3 disk. My aim is
to put the entire content of my /home/merciadriluca/ in it, at the
place of on the HDD where /etc/, /sys/, and other stuff resides.

The problem is that I have a lot of apps and scripts for which I have set
the home folder to /home/merciadriluca/.

As I want the transition to be as smooth as possible, the best thing
to do would be --at least to me-- to play around with symlinks. My
first idea was to create a symlink `merciadriluca' in /home/. This
symlink would be pointing to my new drive. The problem is that, on the
one hand, the name of this symlink needs to be the same as
`merciadriluca' (so that I do not need to modify all my scripts,
etc.); on the other hand, my session's name still needs to be
`merciadriluca' so that I do not need another account. That is, I am
thus obliged to create two files with the same name, /i.e./
`merciadriluca', in /home/. Doing this is however avoided.

Does somebody have any suggestion about how to cope with this, by
doing as little modifications as possible (I have lots of scripts
everywhere, things in /etc/init.d which launch /home/... things, etc.,
backup tools, etc.)?

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Merciadri Luca
See http://www.student.montefiore.ulg.ac.be/~merciadri/
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