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Re: A-posteriori use of another HDD for the /home/username

On 12/25/2009 03:54 PM, Merciadri Luca wrote:
> Thanks for all your answers. I tested the no-symlinks-are-used option,
> by merely mounting my new HDD into /home/merciadriluca/. It worked,
> but not as much as I wanted. After being logged, my
> /home/merciadriluca/'s content was the content of the new HDD, but I
> was really deceived to lose all my preferences, /i.e./ wallpaper,
> menus, shortcuts, applets (I mean `panel apps'), etc.
> I then re-switched back to my old folder/directory, that I had
> carefully renamed, i.e.
> # mv merciadriluca merciadriluca.bak
> before any attempt. After some adventures, I am back, actually safe
> and sound, but at the same state as before.
> There is something that I do not understand at all. Why are all my
> shortcuts, prefs., etc., okay now, after having re-switched back to my
> /home/merciadriluca/, when /home/merciadriluca/ was actually exactly the
> content of /dev/sdc5 (which was mounted in /home/merciadriluca/, as
> explained before), where /dev/sdc5 has the same content as
> /home/merciadriluca/?

Your preferences may be in "hidden" directories, directories whose name
starts with a period.  ls -a will show them.  Did the method you used to
copy your home directory contents copy everything? cp *.* will not copy
everything, in fact it misses a great deal.  Appropriate switches must
be used with cp to copy everything.


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