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Re: post script file display differently in /every/ viewer

On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 16:12:11 +0800, Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> Postscript is always a pain, you can hardly expect it behave the same
> way. However I had more luck with PDFs. Usually PDF opens the same in
> all viewers.
> Here is an example postscript file I fought with it for half a day. It
> displays differently in every viewer, and print wrongly from every
> viewer (including directly print using lp(1) of cups, which generates
> worst print).
> Here is how it expected to look like, look at the right side small
> thumbnail:
> http://realss.6600.org/broken.ps/expected.png
> The screenshots of different viewer viewing it (file name is the viewers
> command line executable name)
> http://realss.6600.org/broken.ps/gv.png
> http://realss.6600.org/broken.ps/gimp.png
> http://realss.6600.org/broken.ps/gs.png
> http://realss.6600.org/broken.ps/evince.png
> And the original postscript file:
> http://realss.6600.org/broken.ps/test.ps

Ugh. I cannot even open the original PS file with Evince (Gnome 2.22 
under Lenny) :-(

Gimp just opens the file "rotated 180".

Acrobat just opens a blank (empty) page.
> In most of the time when I have trouble with postscript, the trouble is
> incorrect side (upside down, rotated etc) and incorrect bounding box /
> page orientation (landscape especially), both among the ps I generated
> or received. However I hardly remember any time I receive a PDF and it
> opens with such problems, in both xpdf and evince.
> What should I do to get a right "proff sheet style" output? The effort I
> spent on solving this doesn't worth, making it seems most efficient way
> is to layout pictures /manually/ in software like inkscape or OpenOffice
> Draw and print from there.

Yes, PostScript files a bit "tricky" to manage. I rather prefer giving 
people PDF files mostly because on Windows environments is a bit hard to 
find installed a PS reader.

Anyway, your PS files says:

%%Creator: Geeqie Version 1.0beta2
%%LanguageLevel 2
%%Orientation: Landscape
%%BoundingBox: 0.000000 0.000000 420.000000 595.000000
%%Pages: 1
%%PageOrder: Ascend
/PageSize [595.000000 420.000000]
/ImagingBBox [36.000000 36.000000 559.000000 384.000000]
/Orientation 1
>> setpagedevice
%% page 1
/pagelevel save def
420 0 translate -90 rotate
[155.905512 0 0 233.691345 53.641732 106.248816] concat
/buf 1401 string def
467 700 8
[467 0 0 -700 0 700]
{ currentfile buf readhexstring pop }
false 3 colorimage

It seems to be created with "Geeqie Version 1.0beta2". The program that 
generates the PS files is very important, because any error on the 
position of the image or its orientation can lead in a document that 
cannot be rendered at all.

Try to use another program to generate that PS file and see if the 
problem persists.



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