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Re: building a custom kernel-WAS: Re: USB disk shows up late at boot

On Fri, 25 Dec 2009 10:35:59 -0500
Tony Nelson <tonynelson@georgeanelson.com> wrote:

> On 09-12-25 09:04:42, Celejar wrote:
> > On Fri, 25 Dec 2009 05:07:55 -0500
>  ...
> > > this is the "learning" part.. knowing what you need, what you MIGHT
> > > need, and what you don't have to have to make it work..
> > 
> > Absolutely.  I'm just warning you to be prepared for a lot of very
> > frustrating "why can't the kernel find my root filesystem?" and "why
> > has this piece of HW / SW suddenly stopped working".
> > 
> > One thing I'd recommend, although I've never really done this myself,
> > is keeping some sort of journal where you record changes you make and
> > their results.
>  ...
> How about: build a kernel with everything as modules, boot it, look at 
> the output of lsmod, then build a kernel with (at least) those modules?

Probably a good idea, but note that connecting kernel module names with
the relevant kernel config options is not always a trivial task.  Also,
there's a lot of kernel functionality that isn't buildable as modules.

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