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Re: Tell me 'How to download and install driver'.

El lun, 21-12-2009 a las 09:40 +0900, Kyuichiro Nakamura escribió:
> Sir,I am just started to install Debian Linux on DynaBook SS 3480.
> Please tell me about the method to download and install drivers,
> especialy about installing. 
> Is it necessary to convert ISO image?
> I tried to install Debian Linux but it stopped because devices, such as
> CD-ROM and LAN adapter. It seems that I have to install drivers.
> Thank you in advance.
> Kyuichiro Nakamura,Yokohama Japan
> Tel:+81-45-823-8925
> q-nakamura@kne.biglobe.ne.jp


What i do:

1. i do installation by cable, connected to the Laptop.
2. still connected, i install modules (drivers, using Synaptic). It
download and install drivers by itself.

To know pci devices:

As root # lspci or lsusb.

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