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RE: rsync hangs on big transfer Debian 5.0.3 pulling from WinXP SP3/ Cygwin 1.5.25

Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> When did you last run a full check/repair (chkdsk/scandisk/other
> tools) on the file system(s) from which you're pulling the files?

Thanks for the reply.  :-)

I don't recall the last time the Windows disk was checked.  The Linux
disk was checked at least once within the past week.  Checking both just
now yielded nothing; the backup script still hangs.

> If this is a nightly batch job, are you possibly also firing off some
> nightly cron process on the Debian box that may be monkeying with the
> network interface, causing an unrecoverable network reset or
> something similar?

I run the backup script manually.


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