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Re: Mounting new hard disk in /dev/sdb


Use the label function in fstab



Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
Jason Filippou wrote:
I recently installed a new SATA hard drive on my desktop system and I
noticed that Squeeze had, by default, mounted it in /dev/sda. This means
that recently, due to the popular GRUB failure that caused everybody
(including myself) a lot of grief, my Debian disk rescue mode was installing
the new GRUB on (hd0), which was, however, on the brand new disk (NTFS
formatted), which does not hold and will not hold any operating systems.
Thus, I was still seeing grub_printf_ as missing when I logged in. So I was
just wondering whether there was any way that I could plug in my new hard
drive and mount it on /dev/sdb, so that I can access it as (hd1) in GRUB
notation, next time the boot loader fails (which, I have to say, has been
reather frequent lately).
FWIW, you don't mount a disk on /dev/sdb. You mount it on whatever
directory you assign to it wihtin the / (root) file system. /dev/sdb is
the 'name' assigned to the *dev*ice by the kernel. In order to work
around some arbitraryness in this assignment due to disks present or not
on boot and/or different boot processes, you should mount by id or by

I can't help you with the grub issues. (FWIW, lenny's grub works fine
for me.) You could try to switch cables or try to configure your bios to
access both disks in a specified, reproducible order.


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