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Re: Please teach me about how to find drivers and how to install drivers.

2009/12/17 Kyuichiro Nakamura:

(Still replying to my direct e-mail...)

> Thank you for your advice.
> It went to installer by using mini CD that I made on Dec.15.
> But installer could not detect CD-ROM.
> And also did not detect Network interface(LAN).
> My PC is sold in US as DynaBook SS3480.
> But it is very old (I bought it in 2000.)
> Some one is using Debian Linux on the same PC.
> See [debian-users:30293] and [debian-users:30267]
> Thank you again.

That notebook reference provides more useful data :-)

Take a look into this HCL, your computer seems to be listed here:


So, by following this information, in order you get the hard disk and cd 
rom (both are IDE devices) detected you'll need to load "piix" driver.

Ethernet card seems to need "e100" driver.




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