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Re: access times are only updated once per session these days

In <[🔎] 876386igbj.fsf@jidanni.org>, jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
>I notice access times are only updated once per "session" these days.

I think relatime is the default.  This is something in between noatime and 
full atime updates, that has most of the efficentcy of noatime (number of disk 
writes is quite reduced) and most of the correctness of atime (e.g. mutt 
doesn't "break").

From man 8 mount:
	Update inode access times relative to  modify  or  change
	time.  Access time is only updated if the previous access
	time was earlier than the current modify or change  time.
	(Similar  to  noatime,  but  doesn’t  break mutt or other
	applications that need to know if a file  has  been  read
	since the last time it was modified.)

I couldn't find the documentation that said relatime was the default, but I 
thought I read it somewhere.
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