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Re: VLC cannot support the traditional music keys

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Lorenzo Beretta <lory.fulgi@infinito.it> writes:

>> The only key which works here, with your shortcuts, is the `p'. (It
>> actually goes to the next track, but it produces a result, though not
>> the expected one.) No problem, don't worry.
> Same here - with the default key settings; what I wrote above is just
> an example with random keys, the idea is that if eg you want
> ctrl+alt+s to rewind, you must have 's' in the "stop" action, and
> select both the ALT and the CONTROL checkbox.

Sorry, I had misunderstood.

> "easier" because it's modelled after kde - that is, you select an
> action, vlc tells you "ok - which keys?", you press them, and that's
> it.
Mmh okay. I will check it out.

> Btw, what do you mean by "missing"?
> I may be wrong, but I think you forgot to check "show advanced
> options" - search for it, it's turned off by default to make life
> easier on new users ;D
I tried it, but the way to configure keys is not really clear (at
least to me).


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