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Re: [OT]What's the price index of your laptop's battery?

Dne, 10. 12. 2009 16:53:49 je Paul Cartwright napisal(a):

> one of the things I was told to do, was while you run the laptop on 
> AC
> power, 
> to unplug your battery.. this keeps it from being constantly in the
> mode, and maybe helps it last longer.. just a thought....

I thought this should be taken care of by the charging circuit in the 
laptop: if I'm not mistaken, the charging circuit should put the 
battery offline when it's fully charged?

> I have a
> 4-year old 
> Dell XPS laptop that never lasts more than 2 hours on battery, but I
> don't 
> use it much anymore, since I stopped travelling :)

My sister has an even older Dell (it must be at least 5 or 6 years) 
which still lasts just under an hour on the *original* battery. In the 
meantime, I've had at least 3 or 4 batteries in two different Compaqs 
die on me. She never unplugged the battery in all these years; she 
couldn't care less, really ...


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