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Re: [Fwd: Re: Alt key not working]

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 1:20 AM, Chris Jones <cjns1989@gmail.com> wrote:
> Basically says that your Alt key is mapped to AltGr.
> Try:
> $ xmodmap -
> keycode 113 = Alt_R
> Ctrl+D¹
> And check whether your Alt key is working again.
> CJ
> ¹ Followed by a dash, xmodmap reads your commands form stdin. After
>  remapping your Alt key, you need to hit the Control and the D keys
>  simulataneously to tell xmodmap that you're done.

i can say that it started to work again, but i say also that its
behavior its strange:
Alt_L: i can switch between applications, by Alt_L + Tab
Alt_R + Tab: i cannot

Alt_L: i can access menus of applications
Alt_R: i can !

Alt_L: i can access the i-th tab of firefox by Alt_L + i
Alt_R: i cannot

the actual output (after the above modifications) of xmodmap is:
~$ xmodmap
xmodmap:  up to 3 keys per modifier, (keycodes in parentheses):

shift       Shift_L (0x32),  Shift_R (0x3e)
lock        Caps_Lock (0x42)
control     Control_L (0x25),  Control_R (0x6d)
mod1        Alt_L (0x40),  Meta_L (0x9c)
mod2        Num_Lock (0x4d)
mod4        Super_L (0x7f),  Hyper_L (0x80)
mod5        Mode_switch (0x5d),  Alt_R (0x71),  ISO_Level3_Shift (0x7c)

thanks again

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