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Re: debian support and laptops

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 20:49:39 +0100
godo <goran@dobosevic.com> wrote:


>  From my experience I will look only 2 things: ethernet/wifi card and 
> graphic card.
> Graphic card only if you need 3D acceleration.
> Ethernet/wifi is something that must works in any condition so try to 
> avoid any ethernet/wifi that doesn't have open source drivers. Broadcom 
> is good example for avoiding (I know i have one and I will probably 
> never again buy laptop with Broadcom).
> So basicli look for ethernet/wifi card that is natural supported in Linux.

A)  Suspend, especially to RAM, can be very problematic - I've never
gotten it to work on my Acer.
B)  Internal modem - it's probably a winmodem
C)  I don't know the state of webcam support
D)  Ditto for flash card readers

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