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Re: debian support and laptops

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 09:12:16 -0500
"Jeremy T. Bouse" <jeremy.bouse@undergrid.net> wrote:


> wifi card everything is usually well supported. Many laptops are using
> the Broadcom 43xx wifi cards which work if you use the b43-fwcutter or
> ndiswrapper. On my Insprion I simply ordered a replacement Intel wifi
> and easily solved the problem. My work laptop (Dell Latitude D630) is
> running Ubuntu 9.10 fine with a Broadcom 4312 wifi card using the b43
> driver.

Many Broadcom chipsets, particularly newer ones, are not yet supported.
> 	I would look at the tech specs for the wifi card if that's important to
> you. Otherwise in general the specs (processor, RAM, HDD, ethernet,
> display) are usually not a problem for support these days. If you're
> wanting to run virtual machines I would make sure you have enough RAM to
> support the host OS and any guests you wish to run otherwise it will
> begin to slow down quickly.

And, as someone else pointed out in this thread, irrespective of RAM,
many chips don't have the necessary extensions to support certain
native virtualization technologies.

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