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Re: How to move an OS install from one primary partition to another?

> I've done this (using ghost) and had to run the windows installer (install
> cd in repair mode) to repair the installation. After this boot from debian
> cd/usb or whatever and rerun grub setup with the new configuration.
> I'm not sure if it's possible with vista or win7. I stopped dealing with M$
> before vista came out.
> Theoretically there is a boot.ini file in the windows root partition. This
> is something like the grub menu.lst file. Google about or have a look in to
> it. I've never used it but read it would be possible to setup different
> boot params in there, like which disk or partition it should boot from,
> however the repair process does it all.

Thanks. We do not have a copy of ghost around, but I google for FOSS
alternatives and it seems that Clonezilla may work. Thanks.

Dotan Cohen


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