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Re: Does email server OS needs clamav?

Sthu Deus schreef:
I think ClamAV should run as "clamav" user, not "root" and the same remains for many other services that use their own user.
I think the same. But! In Debian all/most the mail-related services are run under the root user... I was asking here how I can change it - seems nobody cares for it...
Huh? On my server Exim runs as the Debian-exim user, greylist as the greylist user, mailman as list and clamav as clamav. Only spamassassin seems to run as root. Hmm, need to look into that.

Of course, your linux server does not need an antivirus to protect itself, but to prevent your users to be infected. And remember that by centralizing the anti-malware checking in one point (your e-mail server) you are saving not just resources, but time and money to your company.
Well. They still need to have antivirus software as they use internet...
Well, on a properly configured server, viruses shouldn't be a problem. As long as you are not running strange software on that server or open strange attachments there, that is. And then of course there are not that many Linux-viruses around (which is, of course, not a reason not to run antivirus software!)


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