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Re: Does email server OS needs clamav?

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

> I think ClamAV should run as "clamav" user, not "root" and the same 
> remains for many other services that use their own user.

I think the same. But! In Debian all/most the mail-related services are run under the root user... I was asking here how I can change it - seems nobody cares for it...

> Of course, your linux server does not need an antivirus to protect 
> itself, but to prevent your users to be infected. And remember that by 
> centralizing the anti-malware checking in one point (your e-mail server) 
> you are saving not just resources, but time and money to your company.

Well. They still need to have antivirus software as they use internet...

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