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problem with locale (characters codeset etc...)

I have not so far been able to get 'Lifelines' to work with the appropriate char codeset on my new Lenny system. What is amazing is that it did work on the same machine with my old Debian Sarge ; more amazing yet, it operates adequately on my laptop running on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron).

On both machines, I first installed Lifelines-3.0.61from the rpm packages available, then I removed this version and installed 3.0.62 instead, from sources that I compiled on both systems. I noticed no difference between 3.0.61 and 3.0.62 on either machines, but still the said differences between machines.

More details thereafter :

Both machines have 'French' as default language. If I type 'locale', I get this on either machine :

bd@new-host:~$ locale

My Lifelines conf file (~/.linesrc) are exactly the same on both systems. I have checked that the .linesrc files that I am aware of, are those that work ; I did those checks by modifying databases paths and ensuring that this was taken into account. In those identical '.linesrc', almost all lines are commented out so that default settings apply, at least for characters coding. So, from what is found in my environment variables, both systems have decided that menus and messages had to be produced in French. On my Lenny system, menus and messages are in a French but the accentuated characters appear as a set of several signs; while they appear correctly on my Ubuntu system.

Could someone tell me where I should start to investigate so as to solve this problem ? Iconv and Gettext are present on both systems on the right path...

Let me say that this is my first encounter with such problem : other programs such as OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird etc.. did operate correctly right away in French with appropriate accentuated characters. So, something must be missing somewhere on one of my systems, as far as Lifelines is concerned. By the way, Lifelines works on 'vi' (vim), so I once suspected that the problem was there... but no : I tried to switch to 'gedit' with same faulty results.

As previously said, after trying Lifelines-3.0.61 installed from RPM, I ditched it and installed 3.0.62 from a tarball that I compiled : it was the same tarball that was compiled on both systems... Of course, it may have found different environment and built a different makefile for each case...

Thanks in advance for your input.

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