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Re: Slow connections in Debian squeeze

On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 03:41:00PM +0100, Nick Douma wrote:
> Since I full-upgraded my Debian installation from lenny to squeeze, I
> have been experiencing slow connections buildup. This is especially
> evident when I ssh to another server, while on other workstations
> (debian lenny and windows) the connection is almost instantly
> established, on my squeeze workstation it takes almost 10 seconds
> longer. This happens on all connections, for example, I recently enabled
> the MusicTracker plugin for pidgin, and set it to use my MPD server.
> Every time the plugin polls the server, pidgin freezes while it
> establishes the connection.
> I tried searching on the internet for similar problems, and found that
> it might be related to DNS lookups. I tried various fixes, but none of
> them seem to work. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track on what solutions
> I tried.
> Is anyone experiencing the same problems with Debian squeeze?

yeah. I've been seeing it for quite a while actually, and couldn't
tell you specifically when it showed up. It appears to be only related
to the actual connection (in ssh), as everything else zips right
along. I also see it in http... google can take up to 10 seconds to

I"ve largely been trying to ignore it as I haven't really had time to
figure out what it is. 

Also, I *don't* see this problem on a lenny machine on the same
subnet, and really interestingly, I *don't* see this problem on my
laptop which is running slightly more sid-ish than the squeeze machine
that shows the problem. 


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