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Re: Compiling kernel

On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 06:59:48AM -0700, debian@toursbymexico.com wrote:
> I have a doubt about kernel compilation. Two days ago I compiled by hand
> and it crashed during the boot process. The configuration was
> made by hand, starting from the default configuration and perhaps I missed
> something.
> Since I had to restore my old slackware bakcup to recover some files and
> information, I got a copy of the already running (at slack)
> kernel configuration that is finely tuned for my desktop... my question
> is: can I simply load such kernel configuration in the 'make xconfig' that
> is working (same desktop and cpu configuration) and compile it with
> debian? I mean, it is the same computer and hardware, the same kernel
> version, etc.

Yes. In addition, I would highly recommend using kernel-package to
compile your kernel to generate a deb. Here's a nice primer:


> More specific: Does Debian require a special kernel configuration due to
> its libraries/configuration or am I able just to load the kernel config
> and install it now on Debian? In theory it should work with any
> distribution, as far as I know it should match only the hardware...

No. I use vanilla kernels with not problems. But I use kernel-package
to build a deb and install it, so that it does grub installation
etc. automagically.


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