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Re: Fatal: Only RAID1 devices are supported as boot devices

>> That's extremely clear indeed ! The issue is that I was confusing
>> software RAID and hardware RAID. So I rebooted the system and in the
>> BIOS I setup the RAID0.

>> It now shows up as "DELL Virtual Disk" with 6Tb of disk (4 * 1.5Tb).
>> What I do not understand is why the very first disk is visible...
>> Should I install the /boot in this one ?

> I think you are still missing the big picture.  Techno mumbo jumbo about
> RAID and that big phat 6TB "disk" you see is making your crotch tingle,
> making you wanna hump your computer.  You apparently have more money and
> disk space than common sense.

> WAKE UP!  Never, ever, install /boot, or the root filesystem, including
> all the usual stuff like /bin, /sbin, /etc, to a stripe set without
> parity. This includes RAID 0, which IS NOT RAID at all!

RAID0 is a truly silly misnomer. But many people use it because it
gives them "one large and fast HD" on Windows, OS X, and Linux. If
that is what Mathieu wants to do in spite of the lack of redundancy...

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