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Re: Grub 2 does not boot Squeeze, Error 15, Need help

>> SGD only works with grub legacy.

> SGD works with grub2 since 1.21 (for sure, maybe before that), grub
> "legacy" edition is now deprecated (but still available). SGD is also
> now included in boot menu of SystemRescueCD and PartedMagic maintenance
> live-cd.

My mistake. Checked the home page and the last news item (dated 2009
15, 30, 17:15:58 PM, if you click on it) is: "I have released Auto
Super Grub Disk 1.9 alternate which it is only available at mirror #0.
Auto Super Grub Disk is a windows application that lets you recover
your Grub boot (Grub legacy not Grub2, i.e. it does not work for
Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 fresh installations) in a few steps."

I should have done some extra clicking! Sorry...

More from the 1.21 release (dated 2009 28, 26, 18:28:15 PM):

"...Super Grub Disk based on Grub2 is designed as a Debian package
and, whenever it is ready I will apply for it to be included

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