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Re: Fatal: Only RAID1 devices are supported as boot devices

Mathieu Malaterre put forth on 12/3/2009 12:03 PM:
> Hi there,
>   I am trying to setup a system with software RAID for the first time.
> I used a debian/stable/503 USB key installer. During the partitioning
> I selected each FREE SPACE as raid, I configured then a RAID0 system.
> And setup a LVM volume group on this RAID system.
>   When setting up the boot loader, lilo failed to work properly.
> Looking at the log is says:
> ...
> Dec  3 17:42:32 in-target: WARNING: Added large-memory option, please
> run lilo before you reboot
> Dec  3 17:42:32 in-target: Running lilo...
> Dec  3 17:42:32 in-target: Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed
> Dec  3 17:42:32 in-target: Fatal: Only RAID1 devices are supported as
> boot devices

Read about the various RAID levels, especially RAID 0 (striping), and
you'll understand why the Linux kernel developers will not allow you to
boot Linux from a RAID 0 (striped) set of disks.


You are up against an _intentional_ design limitation.


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