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Re: Grub 2 does not boot Squeeze, Error 15, Need help

>> I am using Squeeze. I booted successfully many times using the
>> chainloaded grub2. So, I thought it would be safe to replace grub with
>> grub2.

>> So, I tried running update-from-grub-legacy but this command was not
>> present even while logged in as root.

>> So, I ran upgrade-from-grub-legacy and now I am unable to boot
>> Squeeze. I get this error after the computer starts.

>> Grub Loading, stage1.5...
>> Grub Loading, please wait ...
>> Error 15

>> Please help me to start my Debian

> Try downloading the "super grub boot disk".  It's saved me before.

SGD only works with grub legacy.

You should have 'Press any key to continue..." after "Error 15".

If you press "any key" you should be able either to edit your grub
config or go to the grub cli to load the kernel manually.

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