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Re: Fatal: Only RAID1 devices are supported as boot devices

Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
> That's extremely clear indeed ! The issue is that I was confusing
> software RAID and hardware RAID. So I rebooted the system and in the
> BIOS I setup the RAID0.

I would advice to use software RAID instead. As pointed out before, that
requires the extra effort of maintaining a separate partition for boot,
 but that effort is rather low, a few hundred MB out of your 6 TB are
sufficient. The disadvantage of hardware raid is that it will make all
your data unusable, if your hardware develops a defect. In case of
software raid, you could move your disks, ie. data to a different
machine with a different motherboard for recovery or continued use.

I was bitten once by that, when our dedicated raid controller went havoc.

Of course YMMV, and all of this will depend on your over all
situation... (Time available for recovery, importance of data etc.)



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