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Re: Lost window manager and gnome-panel

On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 14:53:56 -0500
Tony Nelson <tonynelson@georgeanelson.com> dijo:

> On 09-11-23 13:31:14, John Jason Jordan wrote:
>  ...
> > 1) How can I fix Gnome? What part of the configuration starts 
> > metacity and gnome-panel when the user logs in? Note that I'll have 
> > to do this manually from XFCE, because I can't even get a terminal 
> > running in Gnome.
> Try creating a new user.  If that user works properly in Gnome, it's 
> probably a user-specific config file, usually in a .gnome*/ directory, 
> and diff'ing the files may help (I suggest meld, but I use vimdiff 
> nowadays).

Now, why didn't I think of that!

Turns out that this was an excellent suggestion. I created a new user
(using XFCE4), then logged out and back in as the new user. When my new
user logged in I deliberately selected Gnome. And my new user got a
default Gnome desktop, complete with window manager and gnome-panel.

So now we know that the problem is something in my configuration.

The only thing I can think of is that Nautilus has a bug where clicking
on Preferences crashes it, so I used gconf-editor to change the way
Nautilus works. I could go back and set Nautilus to defaults (I think
there is an option somewhere for that), but I Gnome is not usable at
the moment unless I log in as my new user. 

> > 2) How the heck did this happen? I did hundreds of things before I
> > rebooted - which thing messed up Gnome? Can someone suggest a way to
> > find out what I did to cause this so I can file a bug report or at
> > least avoid doing it again?

> Do more reboots / logins so you know sooner.  In general, be cautious 
> about copying config files around.  It's safer to merge them manually, 
> perhaps with meld.

I did use merge. But most were not even there, because they were for
apps that I installed manually.

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