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Create amd64 DomU in Debain

I am trying to set up an amd64 DomU. I have a cfg file I have been
copying to create 686 DomUs (the Dom0 is running an amd64 kernel), but
when I use it with the install-arch=amd64 I get an error that it can't
find the kernel:

Sure enough the netboot/xen directory is not there, although it is
present in the i386 directory. I modified the config file to pull my
local kernel (/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-xen-amd64), but that hung when I
tried to install. So I changed the cfg file to pull the ramfs and the
kernel from the following path:

Also with no success (invalid kernel). 

Why is there no xen directory under netboot?I had read that the same
kernel was needed on both Dom0 and a DomU for pci pass through to work,
and that's how I set it up successfully on my x86 machine. Is this
correct for the amd64 kernel or can I pass a device through with the 686
kernel in the DomU?

I looked into using xen-tools, but it seems you cannot create a DomU in
a physical partition. I suppose I could create an image and dd it over,
but I would hope there is a better way. 

Thanks for any feedback,


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