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Re: A Debian Lenny machine declined to work

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 10:09:55PM +0200, Jari Fredriksson wrote:


> It boots, finds the hard disk, and loads stuff. Last stuff it prints on
> screen is usual boot stuff, and in addition to that Arno's Firewall
> output. I think that is normally printed to screen console. All logging
> should be logged via syslog to my main server, but nothing happends now.
> The console does not show login prompt, and the machine seems to be dead
> or otherwise dead after the boot. It does not route network, and does
> not allow me to log in and study logs.

does it respond to pings? can you ssh in? 

have you tried booting into single-user mode? 

is it locked up hard or does the keyboard (capslock, numlock) respond?
Any response from the magic Alt-SysRq?

> If only the NIC was broken it should allow me to log in from
> console, right?

if it previously allowed console login, I would assume it would
continue to do so unless, in general.

> What might cause this? It boots but not fully. No error messages in
> console. It just does not do anything useful.

if it is locked hard that would point to some hardware problem,
otherwise I would look for recent updates for a clue. Some boot
process is failing to terminate.


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