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A Debian Lenny machine declined to work

I write this to here, while it is probable that no one will have any ideas.

I had a Lenny PC as my router to internet, having 2 NICs and an ADSL
modem in bridged mode in one, and another in my switch.

Suddenly my network died, and when I rebooted the router this happened.

It boots, finds the hard disk, and loads stuff. Last stuff it prints on
screen is usual boot stuff, and in addition to that Arno's Firewall
output. I think that is normally printed to screen console. All logging
should be logged via syslog to my main server, but nothing happends now.

The console does not show login prompt, and the machine seems to be dead
or otherwise dead after the boot. It does not route network, and does
not allow me to log in and study logs.

If only the NIC was broken it should allow me to log in from console, right?

What might cause this? It boots but not fully. No error messages in
console. It just does not do anything useful.


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