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Re: printing confusion

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Sun November 22 2009, Wayne wrote:
Install the cups-bsd package. see the output of
'apt-cache show cups-bsd'

That's why I suggested looking at the cups-bsd package description.
cups-bsd is the cups interface to the printer.  It replaces all of
the programs that lpr supplied. The entries you were worried about in your OP were lpr generated. As you stated, you could not print 'some Web Pages'. As your using cups, why not install it's version of the lpr programs.

I guess my question is, if I have cups installed, why do I need cups-bsd?

See above. You can't print some web pages now, but you want to. Why not try cups-bsd. You asked for help and I have given you my suggestions on how to fix your problem.

I would do
aptitude purge lpd
aptitude install cups-bsd libwine-print lsb-core

I thought about doing that, but it goes to my question above.

Se ya.  I'm off to do some real work now.


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