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Re: Is This Worth a Bug Report, and if so, against Which Package?

On 20091119_132557, Kent West wrote:
> Fresh install of Lenny, minimal (unselected everything in Tasksel during
> the install, then aptitude install'd xorg and icewm).
> The minimal /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (not included here, but available)
> did not allow xorg to detect both monitors. I then ran "sudo X
> -configure" which generated an xorg.conf file which did detect both
> monitors, but the second monitor is not usable; I can't move windows
> over to the second monitor. The addition of the line
>   Option "Xinerama"
> to the "ServerLayout" section fixed that problem.
> Is this a bug worth reporting, or will it be considered more of a
> wish-list, or what? And if it's worth reporting as a bug, against which
> package should it be reported?

In my experimenting with lenny netinstall, I have never been able to get
a fully functional system without running tasksel. I have never found 
documentation that actually tells the whole truth about what files it 
uses, etc. So it is difficult (impossible?) to debug this sort of thing.

My advice, one user to another, is to run tasksel during netinstall and
be done with it. Not running tasksel does not simplify whatever your real
problem is, IMHO.
Paul E Condon           

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