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Re: Custom Label Software

On 20091119_115444, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> I'd like to get some suggestions about what software is best for making custom 
> labels.  Well, not actually making labels, but inserts.  Currently, I'm making 
> them completely by hand, which is long, tiring, and error-prone.  I take a 
> piece of US Letter paper (8.5" x 11") and fold it so that it is divided 
> roughly in thirds horizontally and fifths vertically, crease, and tear along 
> the creases.  This results in 15 blank inserts that are approximately 2+1/4" x 
> 2+1/2".  I then add the text to the inserts with a pen.  Some inserts are 
> duplicates, but never a whole page, so it is important I can easily put 
> varying text on each insert.
> What I'd like to do is find a program that I can tell it I am printing on 11" 
> x 8.5" (US Letter -- Landscape) paper that I want divided into 3 rows and 5 
> columns.  Then, I could enter the text I need into each "cell".  I suppose 
> with my printer not able to do bleed printing on standard pages, It would have 
> to be able to handle a hardware-enforced margins along the outside of the 
> page.  It would be preferable if the software could also print very light cut 
> guides for when I get out the scissors or paper cutter after printing.
> I was thinking OO.o could do the job, using New->Label gives a rather 
> unhelpful dialog.  It doesn't seem to want to let me input a custom paper 
> size, although it will let me put in a custom label size.  There is a "Avery 
> Letter" size, but I don't think it takes into account the margins required for 
> my printer.  Also, when I accept the values in the dialog and the document is 
> generated, it has me putting in text in portrait orientation, which is 
> incorrect.
> I've heard on a KDE program KBarCode or something that is supposed to handle a 
> lot of this, but I've got no experience with it.  KOffice might also be an 
> option.  I'm hoping someone has some experience with a task like this and can 
> tell me not only what software to use, but a quick overview of the fastest way 
> to accomplish my task.

Look at glabel, which is available in main, I think. It has a vast array of
pre-designed templates, and a template designer that I think will meet your
needs for a specific pattern of labels on letter paper. I use glabel to make
one-off address labels. In that use, its print dialog displays an image of
the sheet of labels and allows you to select which positions on the sheet
will be inked with text/image. 

Paul E Condon           

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