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Re: Inquiry:What is the equivalent for the screen command?

On Thu, 19 Nov 2009, John Hasler wrote:

> AndyC writes:
> > Please think seriously about upgrading this to at least Debian 4.0
> However, don't skip major releases when upgrading.  Go from Sarge to
> Etch to Lenny.  Don't try to go directly to Lenny.

  yeah ... been there, done that, as members of this ML will probably
remember.  i went thru it in several stages -- first upgrading the 3.1
system as much as possible, then fully upgrading to stock 4.0, then
upgrading that, then fully to 5.1, and so on and so on, constantly
tweaking things along the way.

  my only brain fart was not upgrading apache *much* sooner than i
did.  do that ASAP.


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