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Re: Huge syslog, daemon.log, more

On Tuesday 20 October 2009 21:45:35 David Baron wrote:
> >Last couple of days! Filled up /var causing numerous problems.
> >
> >These files are over 1 gig. I deleted the day-old ones to free up space.
> >
> >The older ones are tiny.
> >
> >What's happening? Fix?
> These are mostly messages from gpm
> Oct 20 14:23:47 d_baron /usr/sbin/gpm[4547]: *** err
> [daemon/getmousedata.c(47)]:
> Oct 20 14:23:47 d_baron /usr/sbin/gpm[4547]: Error in read()ing first: No
>  such device
> This is a microsoft wireless usb mouse. Sometimes, the receiver needs be
>  reset but this is occasional. Gpm was not upgraded recently?
> How might one surpress these log entries? They are of little value.
BTW, One program I know will consistently produce these errors: The otherwise 
quite lovely krossword puzzle program for kde4. Could find no clues scanning 
the code but it smells of some recursion problem handling mouse messages.

Possible workaround:

A cron to check the size of these files, mv or rm them if they get beyond a 
certain size. This would at least protect the system operation.

How do I do it?

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