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Re: 503-I386 net install problem

On Wed, 18 Nov 2009 12:43:05 +1300 Fred Zinsli
<fred.zinsli@shooter.co.nz> shared this with us all:

>Hello all 
>I have been trying this for some time now and can't seem to resolve the
>Version: Debian stable i386 503 netinst 
>Downloaded today as an ISO from the Debian site. 
>I get to the point where the installer asks for the mirror and it goes
>away and scans the mirror/security/volatile repositories. 
>At that point it all stops. 
>On the install screen it shows the "Select and install software" banner
>with the message "Please wait ..." at the bottom, and it is at 1% on
>the progress bar. 
>It does this for any mirror I select. I don't believe it is a problem
>with my network as my other D503 server updates properly (apt-get
>update), and other distros (Centos  to abort, enter "No": 
>That is as far as I am getting. 
>This is now day 11 and I am getting a little the worse for the effort. 
>If I bypass the mirror select the base system installs and grub
>installs. But with my very limited knowledge I can't seem to get any
>further head with that as I can't seem to install
>any other packages using apt-get with
>the CD in the drive. Yup, really limited knowledge. 
>Can someone please put me out of my misery and point out the error of
>my ways. 

While this is happening do you press F4 key, I think that's it, just to
see what is really happening. Depending on your connection speed it may
take some time to scan this mirror and the all its packages.

In the past, my connection speed has been slow and and I saw just how
slow when I hit F4.

Hope that helps.
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