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Re: Slow booting

Kamil Kułaga <teodozjan@gmail.com> writes:
> After init of soundcard and before swap activation i have 90 seconds
> hole. Is it normal? Can I configure kernel to somewhat avoid this?

Unfortunately, I think adding a large swap partition (yours is 6GB)
can be a slow operation under Linux. Google for "slow swapon" and
you'll see several complaints.

One simple solution might be to try running "swapon" in the background
in your startup scripts. That's what I do on my (Ubuntu) laptop (which
is frequently rebooted and would pause for a significant amount of
time waiting on its 3GB swap file otherwise). Note that, on a Lenny
installation, "swapon" is run twice, in "/etc/init.d/checkroot.sh" and
in "/etc/init.d/mountall.sh", so make sure you make the change in the
right place.

Kevin <buhr+debian@asaurus.net>

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