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Re: [SOLVED] problems setting up screen blanking in X

Adam Hardy (struts) wrote at 2009-11-04 07:36 -0600:
> > green on 29/10/09 13:57, wrote:
> >>> DPMS (Energy Star):
> >>>   Standby: 0    Suspend: 0    Off: 0
> >>>   DPMS is Enabled
> >>>   Monitor is On
> >>
> > Hmm, yes, I mentioned that above.  Did it work?
> I thought I would have to script the xset -dpms command but the screen
> blanking behaviour is now (4 days later) adhering to the configuration, i.e.
> I am not getting any screen blanking now. 

I use xset to set dpms in ~/.xsession; you may need to do the same (or an 
equivalent) eventually.  Xorg seems to be moving away from xorg.conf, so I have 
been trying to do the same (so that xorg.conf can disappear from my system 

> I have no idea why it didn't do that at first - perhaps something needed
> stopping and starting . 

Perhaps so.

> Thanks for the help, Green

I am glad to help and hope it keeps working correctly.

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