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Dual-Head / extended desktop

A friend asked for my help in configuring his laptop with a video projector.
He is looking for an all GUI solution.
His ACER Travelmate is running Ubuntu 8.04 that he is willing to keep until the next "LTS" release.
The graphic card is an ATI Radeon X700.
First, using the fglrx driver with the "ATI Catalyst" GUI, we couldn't prevent both of the screens to show colored horizontal lines as soon as we tried to activate the second one. Then, using the "radeon" driver, with grandr or with the system preferences screen resolution tool, we couldn't get further than showing a full 1280x800 desktop on the LCD but projected on the wall, only a portion of 1024x768 on the far right of that same desktop. Booting the same hardware with wXP we could extend the desktop to an extra 1024x768 on the right with no problem.
There must be something obvious that we missed ...
I would be very thankfull to any pointer ...

Jean Marc

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