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pretty print diff OR print terminal output in color

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Hi list,
I don't seem to be able to figure this out with google or
/usr/share/doc, aptitude search etc.:

Does Debian (lenny) have any tools to pretty print coloured terminal
output (from colordiff, git diff etc.)?

Preferably, I would like to print in colours just as or similar as on
the console/terminal.

If I use konsole's 'print sceen' option, I get a black and white version
 of just the contents of the current window (not the full output).

If I redirect the output to file or a2ps, uniprint or other programs, I
get the 'full' version, but the color coding is missing. Everything is
dull black on white.

If I just copy/paste to an editor, the color information is lost as well.

If I do a screenshot of the window, I usually only get a small portion
of the output at a time and it will print a pixelised image of the text.

So, is there an easy way to print the terminal output to pdf (or paper)
where the color coding (diff, ls, etc.) is preserved?

I have also tried enscript's --color option, but I don't know how to
pipe the output of 'git diff' to it.

  git diff |enscript --pretty-print --color -o diff.pdf

does not preserve coloured information.

Thanks for any pointers!


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